Choices and Outcomes Guide in The Technomancer is listed here.


Choices and Outcomes Guide

There are several moments during quests where you will have to make choices that have future impacts on how the game's story plays out. They often have a resulting Karma or Reputation effect in addition to altering the story. These moments and outcomes are sorted by the Quests they appear in and are as follows:


Fighting for Abundance

  • The Deserters: During this portion of the quest you will encounter the leader, Boris. A conversation with Boris Ward will occur and a fight will ensue. Once Boris is on the ropes you will be given 3 options: Let him get away, arrest him or eliminate him. Report back to Eliza with the results. If the deserters got away, including Boris, she will not be thrilled and the objective will fail and you will lose reputation with Abundance and the Army, but you will earn 2 Karma. If Boris is arrested rather than killed, she will say the ASC will now have to face an internal investigation. Making her completely happy requires killing everyone. A successful completion will increase your reputation with the Abundance army by 1. If you kill everyone, David Ward will leave you, which will unlock an objective to find him.
  • Break the Opposition: Enter the final hallway towards the objective marker to trigger a cutscene with Bulgakov. After your conversation you may opt to keep the bomb and let her go or arrest her. If you take it and let her go you gain 2 karma and 10 rep with The Opposition. If you arrest her, you will fight, and then be given the option to arrest or kill her. Arresting her gets you her gun and you lose 5 rep with the Opposition. Killing her nets her dagger and gun, and you lose 10 rep with the Opposition and 2 Karma. 
  • Captain Eliza: During this portion you must speak with Eliza as she goes over all the important choices you've made until now. These are the list of questions she asks and the potential results. How you answer may not matter since it's your choices that will stick. The truth always comes out! 
    • Question 1: Take responsibility for sympathizing with the mutants: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation. Accuse Viktor of lying: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
    • Question 2: Try To Convince Eliza: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation if succeeed. Take responsibility for not mentioning the site: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation. Defend your actions and attack Viktor: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
    • Question 3: Try To Convince Eliza: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation. Take responsibility: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation. Protest: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation.


Finding Earth

  • Under Surveillance: Search the lockers as per the objectives. Here you will be faced with an important choice. If you tell him to leave David will leave and not be available. You get +10 reputation with David Ward and +2 Karma. If you choose to shoot him you will have to defeat him. You can loot him for the mace and shield he carries, draining him will cost you 1 Karma. 
  • Hello Earth - This is Mars: SPOILER NOTES: This is the end of the game! After obtaining the clothing and rover upgrade, head towards the Ice Dome. You will face some challenging boss fights, that feature high HP so be prepared. At the end of this you will be faced with some crucial choices. Whatever you choose, you will get a recap of all the choices you made up to this point.
    • If you choose to not reveal the destruction of Earth and become a Great Master of Technomancers you will keep the secret and lead Mars from here on. 
    • If you reveal the fate of Earth and join Noctis, civil war will erupt. 
    • If you reveal the fate of Earth and join Mutant Valley the corporations will be angered and many of the Technomancers will leave. Scientists do find a way to create more Technomancers.
    • These choices result in differing outcomes for the games trophies/achievements.


A Safe Haven

  • The Escape: Towards the end of the escape you are given a choice. Niesha is aiming a weapon at Jeffrey and you can choose to either encourage or intervene. Intervening earns you +2 Karma. Encouraging her to go through with it will earn you -1 Karma and -1 rep with the Army. Amelia will also be upset with this darker outcome.


Under the Orders of a Merchant Prince

  • Subterfuge: When you arrive at the Shadow Path, you are given the choice to explain and refuse Dandolo's plan or attack and follow the plan. If you explain the situation you are given a key and can get the uniforms without killing anyone, you also get +3 Reputation with Noctis. This decision will pop back up later when Dandolo is going over your choices. If you attack you will have to face Technomancers. You will earn +3 Rep with Noctis after you get all the clothes. When you return to Dandolo there are two other options to choose. You can lie and say or you can reveal the negotiations with Aurora's Technomancers. If you reveal the truth you get -1 Noctis Reputation.
  • A Worm in the Apple: During this phase, you will have to return to Anton. Engage Anton Vogue to get him to stop sending forces to Noctis. You can accept or refuse his offer. Accepting it nets you 200 Serum. You can lie or reveal the mob and lose 2 rep with Noctis. If you refuse his deal, his men will not help you. Return to Dandolo and you will earn +3 Noctis Reputation.


The Harder They Fall

  • The People's Assembly: This is a multi choice part that determines the fate of Viktor.
    • The first option is based on Charisma and you either are successful or not. You only need to get three of the options right to get the people to turn on Viktor. If you nail the charisma check you only need 2.
    • The second choice is regarding bribery. If you deny it, the member will agree with what you say and you move on to the next option. If you confirm it you will lose 100 serum and the assembly member will be indignant.
    • The third choice is regarding the populace. There are no options for these last two but you must select them to get Viktor deposed. 

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