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A Safe Haven is a Quest in The Technomancer. It's objectives are a series of sub-quests that must be undertaken to complete the entire quest.

A Safe Haven Information


A Safe Haven Objectives 

  • The Escape
  • Race Against the Sun
  • Meeting at Aurora
  • Escort in the Desert
  • A Guide for a Young Nation


A Safe Haven Rewards


  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

A Safe Haven Walkthrough


This is a long series of obectives which becomes active after you've completed Fighting for Abundance and several of the objectives from Finding Earth.


The Escape

 Your objective here is to escape, fighting anyone here is optional. Head to the entrance of the Slums and enter. Run to where the Rover is and take out the enemies here. Go inside and defeat the boss to progress the mission.


Race Against the Sun

 Your objective is to now get to the city before sunrise. You may take one of several routes, or head directly to the objective to take out some creatures before the door. Through the door you will encounter a large amount of enemies you must deal with to complete this portion of the quest.


Meeting at Aurora

 This portion of the quest is given to you when leaving Noctis. Upon arriving you will contend with a host of enemies. Defeat them all to progress to the next phase.


Escort in the Desert

 After the Meeting at Aurora phase, take the rover to the Canyon and take out the creature here. Head to the end of the path and back to the rover and to where the mutants reside.


A Guide for a Young Nation

 When you arrive at the mutant compound, this portion will trigger. Kill the enemy mutants and defeat Cain. You are given the option to arrest him or drain and kill him. If you arrest him you'll get his armor and mace and 2 Karma. Killing him nets you everything he has and costs you 1 Karma. Afterwards you will have to appoint a new leader between Phobos and Scum. Choosing Phobos results in Scum joining him and a +1 reputation with the mutants. Choosing Scum results in Phobos leaving to help the mutants and a +1 reputation with the mutants.





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