Locations in The Technomancer are listed here. The Technomancer is not open-world. According to Spiders, "it is a huge area with some other areas that are connected to it, including dungeons." You can travel back to places you previously visited, but you will discover some new places as you progress through the game and your world map will expand accordingly.

You travel using a rover from one base to another. The rover itself is a part of the story and you need to improve it to reach some specific places. Your rover is one of the very few remaining on mars. In fact one of your companions will be the driver of your rover, a job that is seen as a very prestigious one because of the rarity of these rovers.

You will encounter several rooms along your journey which you can use as a place to sleep, engage in Crafting, and store items in a chest.


Locations Information

  • Old Dome: an abandoned Genetic Research & Development centre erected by the first colonists

Ophir: the capital of the corporate-state of Abundance

The Legendary City of Noctis: the Merchant Republic that supposedly doesn't exist.

Mutant Valley: an Oasis settlement established by mutants fleeing slavery.

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