Technomancer Skills in The Technomancer is a set of Skills that players can spend points in to upgrade their character's abilities. The following are a list of skills available in the Technomancer tree. Technomancer Skills can be combined to augment the Combat styles. You may electrify your weapon to boost the damage, or create an electricity shield to boost your defense among others. You can assign these skills to shortcuts and use them on the fly during combat. Each skill costs one point to unlock and upgrade.


Technomancer Skills


The default Technomancer skills are as follows:


Skill Description
Electric Arcs Shoots out two powerful electric arcs at a target.
Surprise Attack Lets you launch a powerful attack from behind an enemy while you are being stealthy.
Electric Weapon Electrifies your main weapon, adding electrical damage to each blow.
Technomancer Training Lets you use gloves.
Fluid Reserve Gives 2 fluid charges and regenerates .08/s


Technomancer Skills Upgrades

 Each of the following tables is its own branch on the skill tree in order of when it is unlocked.


Skill Description
Upgraded Electric Arcs Increases the chance of immobilizing an enemy with electric arts by 20%.
Passive Skill Increases the electrical damage cause by gloves by 20%
Passive Skill Lets you perform another action more quickly after casting a technomancy spell
Passive Skill Generates energy that can be recovered from the ground when an enemy is stunned with an electric arc.
Passive Skill Increases the chance of immobilizing the target with technomancy spells by 5%



Skill Description
Upgraded Electric Weapon Increases the chance of immobilizing an enemy each time you attack with an electrified weapon by 10%. (Requires Upgraded Electric Arcs)
Passive Skill Increases fluid regeneration by 20%
Passive Skill Increases the number of fluid charges by 1



Skill Description
Electric Fist A punch charged with electricity and with a high disruption rate. (Requires Upgraded Electric Arcs)
Passive Skill Increases the disruptive power of technomancy attacks by 20%.
Passive Skill The physical and electric defenses of enemies hit by an electric fist are reduced to 25% of their value for 20s.



Skill Description
Magnetic Armor Creates a protective field around you which increases all your defenses. (Requires Passive Skill in Upgraded Electric Weapon Branch)
Passive Skill Increases resistance to all damage by 5%.
Passive Skill Launches a magnetic wave that knocks back nearby enemies when the protective field is touched.



Skill Description
Passive Skill Increases resistance to disruption when casting spells by 20%. (Requires Passive Skill in Electric Fist branch)
Electric Storm Powerful attack that hits all enemies in a wide area several times. Increases resistance to disruption during the attack.
Passive Skill Increases the number of fluid charges by 1.


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