New Player Help in The Technomancer can be found on this page.


New Player Help Information


 Spend time getting familiar with the Combat stances in the game. Each has their own strengths, weaknesses and situational uses. Swapping in and out of the stances mid fight is fluid.


 Don't ignore your Technomancer Skills. They are a valuable augment to your battle Skills.


 Spend your points every time you level up. Keeping your Skills, Talents and Attributes current is vital.


 Resting in a bed gives you an experience bonus and is worth taking when trying to level up.


 Loot everything you can, and stash any excess in chests in rooms. You will need as many Components as you can hoard if you plan on Crafting Weapon Upgrades and Armor Upgrades. Invest in your traps and lockpicking talents to gain access to as much gear as you can.


 Unless using the Guardian stance, you will have precious little defensive capabilities other than dodging and rolling. Spamming attacks in a crowd of enemies is certain to result in death so stay evasive between attacks to maximize your survival. Even on Normal difficulty the enemies can be fairly adept at dodging a string of melee attacks after maybe 1 or 2 hit and counterstriking you, so you should get comfortable with a hit-then-dodge style of combat; the Rogue style with the pistol is arguably the best at this.

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