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Fighting for Abundance is a Quest in The Technomancer. The quests objectives are a series of sub-quests that must complete over the course of the game.

Fighting for Abundance Information


Fighting for Abundance Objectives 

  • Get your assignment from Captain Eliza Major
  • Complete the missions assigned by Captain Eliza Major:
    • Break the Opposition
    • The Deserters
    • Personal Protection
    • Down to Work!
    • Counter Attack
    • Captain Eliza

Fighting for Abundance Walkthrough

 After completing the events of Initiation, you will be directed to the barracks to get your assignment from Eliza Major. Make your way to the barracks as indicated on the map and speak with Eliza. You will be introduced to your fellow unit soldiers David Ward and Jeffery Hunter. You will be tasked with apprehending the terrorist leader Bulgakov. She will also give your orders regarding handling deserters.


Break the Opposition

 Eliza will send you to the Slums to investigate the rebellious movement. Head to the slums and towards the Market district. You can chat with some of the citizens around to see if they know anything about the dissent. If you've gained access to Anton Rogue, you may ascertain some information from him through bribery, convincing or by threat. If successful he will send you to the bar, The Curiosity's to find the seeds of dissent.

 Head towards the objective area by The Curiosity's where you will pick up on some whispers. If you're careful you can overhear what is being said, by crouching into sneak mode and spying when the option is made available. You'll overhear a convo about Bulgakov's plans. Make your way into the bar and speak with Ethan Host the bartender if you'd like some more back story on the world.

 Head towards the entrance to The Exchange and exit the Slums. Upon entering the exchange you may run into some hostile opposition members. Take them out and progress forward, clearing out each area as you go. Enter the final hallway towards the objective marker to trigger a cutscene with Bulgakov. After your conversation you may opt to keep the bomb and let her go or arrest her.


The Deserters

 Your companions will give you some clues as to where to look for deserters. They will recommend you head to the Slums. Make your way to the entry point of the Slums. Enter the slums and investigate the various alleys. Eventually you will discover a group of deserters who will become hostile on sight. Deal with them and then progress through to the Underworks.

 Make your way through the creatures in the tunnels of the Underworks until you come to a wide area with several deserters. Take them out however you choose. Continue forward until you come to a structure with a closed door. Open it to enter and trigger a cutscene. A conversation with Boris Ward will occur and a fight will ensue. Once Boris is on the ropes you will be given 3 options: Let him get away, arrest him or eliminate him. Report back to Eliza with the results. If deserters got away, including Boris, she will not be thrilled. If Boris is arrested rather than killed, she will say the ASC will now have to face an internal investigation. Making her completely happy requires killing everyone. A successful completion will increase your reputation with the Abundance army by 1. See the quartermaster for your pay.


Personal Protection

 Eliza will give you a mission that involves securing an area for visiting state officials. Head to the Slums and clear the designated area of people. You may opt to ask them to move before moving them by force. Once they're gone, head inside and escort the team through the quest markers until the end. Return to the Barracks for your reward.


Down to Work!

 Head to the Mutant Pen in the Slums. Approach the different mutants and get them back to work. You may heal them or repair their tools to boost your reputation with them. Return back to the Captain for reputation with the army and see the quartermaster for your rewards.


Counter Attack

 Head to the area where the rover is and take it to the Aurora Excavation site. Fight through tenemies to get to the marker. You can rescue any mutants along the way for a +1 to their reputation. Continue following the markers and set the detonator. Head back to the rover and detonate it, then return to the Captain to gain reputation with Abundance.


Captain Eliza

 NOTE: Starting this portion of the quest locks out any side quests in this area. There will be a long time before you can craft anything as well. You must speak with Eliza as she goes over all the important choices you've made until now. 

 These are the list of questions she asks and the potential results. How you answer may not matter since it's your choices that will stick. The truth always comes out! 

 Question 1Take responsibility for sympathizing with the mutants: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation. Accuse Viktor of lying: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

 Question 2: Try To Convince Eliza: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation if succeeed. Take responsibility for not mentioning the site: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation. Defend your actions and attack Viktor: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

 Question 3Try To Convince Eliza: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation. Take responsibility: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation. Protest: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation.



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