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Finding Earth is a Quest in The Technomancer. It's objectives are a series of sub-quests that must be undertaken to complete the entire quest.

Finding Earth Information


Finding Earth Objectives 

  • Merchant Rumors
  • Archaeology in the Desert
  • Under Surveillance
  • In Search of the Lost Dome
  • Patience
  • Rescue Operation
  • Polar Expedition
  • Hello Earth - This is Mars


Finding Earth Walkthrough

 After completing the opening main quest, Initiation, the grand master will ask you to take a detour on your way to Captain Eliza and investigate some rumors by speaking with some merchants. This quest will be active for a large portion of the game, you must complete the first 3 objectives to unlock the main quest A Safe Haven as well as completing every objective in Fighting for Abundance.


Merchant Rumors

 Make your way to the objective on the map and upon arriving you'll find the stand deserted. Speak to Tom Goodsman here about the caravan's disappearance. He will give you some close as to what happened. Head over to Joe Goodsman and ask him about what he saw. You may use a charisma check to threaten or reason with him or you may bribe him for 10 Serum. He'll then tell you about the Vory and their shady dealings. He will suggest you go ask the Vory directly.

 Make your way to the entry of the Slums and locate the entrance to the Vory faction, where Anton Rogue resides. The doorkeeper will tell you to go packing. You may opt to fight your way in, leave or give him the hall pass. The pass can be found by taking on a group of Vory when you first enter the slums. Head left from the entrace and take them out. Loot them for the hall pass. 

 Enter the structure and witness a custscene with Anton Rogue. Speak with him about a variety of topics. You may attempt to bribe him for 150 Serum, convince him with Charisma or intimidate him for information about the opposition. After convincing him head to the warehouse and use "who will have profit will have honor" passphrase to pass peacefully. Make use of your lockpicking and speak with the merchant here. Head back to the Exchange and resume the next phase of this quest.


Archaeology in the Desert

 You will need to have unlocked the Rover for this quest. Progress through the Fighting for Abundance quest until you unlock it. Head to the sit and take out the enemies. Take the relic from inside. You may also opt to check out the objective for the Counterattack mission in Fighting for Abundance. Return to Ian and turn in for the rewards.


Under Surveillance

 Head to the Barracks and sleep until night. Talk to all the people inside and then speak to the Captain. Earn her trust by buttering her up with the 2 confidence building questions first and then search everyone's locker. David Ward's locker will not be searchable. Approach him and ask him questions until he says 126. Arrange to meet with him at the bar. Speak to him to automatically go there. Here you will be faced with an important choice. If you tell him to leave David will leave and not be available. You get +10 reputation with David Ward and +2 Karma. If you choose to shoot him you will have to defeat him. You can loot him for the mace and shield he carries, draining him will cost you 1 Karma. Return to the Grand Master for your reward.


In Search of the Lost Dome

 This quest become available after rescuing the Technomancers from the temple. Make your way to Noctis and speak with Melvin and have the rover repaired. Use it to travel to the Lost Dome. Mop up the enemies here of which there are many.



 Your next objective is to get a translator. Go see Dandolo and speak with him. Head to the camp and take out the guards there. You may optionally free the slaves by picking their cage locks or finding the key in the lockers. After freeing them, there is another optional objective to help them escape. Opposite of where you entered is a gate you can unlock. If you free them all and unlock the door you get +2 Karma and +2 Niesha Reputation. After, head to the room marked with the question mark and head to the bottom. Talk to the mutant and then talk to the prisoner. Wait for Patience to perform the task.


Rescue Operation

 You will receive the part to find Patience later on after receiving this mission. Get through the dome to get to Patience. When you get to Patience, exhaust the dialogue choices and then escape out.


Polar Expedition

 This is obtained after returning from the Rescue Operation. Make your way to The Slums and get Amelia and Scott. Head to where you first obtained the rover and find some notes inside. In the shed there is a locker that needs a code. Speak with Amelia and Scott until he gives you codes. Open the locker and head left to a wall between some barrels and a danger sign. Use the key near the drawing. You may now make the Icebreaker and head to Ice City. Get the clothing you need from the ASC station in Ophir. Fight your way past the enemies and to the Lost Dome. Take out the mini boss and collect the parts you need. Make your way to Mutant Valley so Amelia can augment the rover.


Hello Earth - This is Mars

 SPOILER NOTES: This is the end of the game! After obtaining the clothing and rover upgrade, head towards the Ice Dome. You will face some challenging boss fights, that feature high HP so be prepared. At the end of this you will be faced with some crucial choices. Whatever you choose, you will get a recap of all the choices you made up to this point.

 If you choose to not reveal the destruction of Earth and become a Great Master of Technomancers you will keep the secret and lead Mars from here on. 

 If you reveal the fate of Earth and join Noctis, civil war will erupt. 

 If you reveal the fate of Earth and join Mutant Valley the corporations will be angered and many of the Technomancers will leave. Scientists do find a way to create more Technomancers.

 These choices result in differing outcomes for the games trophies/achievements.


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