Companions in The Technomancer are assisting characters that the player can take along as they complete the objectives of the game.


Companions Information

You are first introduced to companions in the barracks during the Fight for Abundance quest. You may select up to 2 companions at any given time and they each have their own Combat style. They have their own inventory and you may give them new Weapons and Armor which you can also improve via Crafting. Companions level up as you take them out with you. You can setup who is in your team from inside the barracks.

They can also make use of special Talents, such as crafting, scientific knowledge, or lockpicking. Picking one companion over another has a significant impact on your gameplay experience.

A good relationship with a companion gives you a Talent bonus when they are in your squad.


Companion Relationships and Romance

Companions will ask for help and favours which will trigger a special Quest that let you learn more about their backgrounds. This will improve your relationships with them. If your decisions consistently upset a member of your group, they may leave. However, raising your reputation with them will lead to Romance options.  

Talk with your companions regularly to develop your relationships and they may provide you with useful information and new quests.


List of Companions

The following are the companions you can unlock in the game:


Companion Role Passive Bonus Ally Relationship Bonus Quest Location
Nesha Rogue Skills Dagger damage +2 +1 Traps/Lockpicking A Friend Under Pressure Noctis
Phobos Guardian Skills Max equip weight +250 +1 Exploration Souveneir for a Mother Noctis
Scott Seeker Rogue Skills Increased health regeneration +2% +1 Science A Professor's Worries The Slums
Amelia Reacher Guardian Skills Resistance to disruption: +5% +1 Creation The Explorer's Father Noctis
David Ward Guardian Skills Resistance to disruption +2% No bonus A Soldier's Bitterness Barracks
Jeffrey Hunter Rogue Skills Physical damage from gunshots +2 No bonus The Feeling of Being Followed Barracks
Lucky (Andrew) Warrior Skills Power regeneration +5% +1 Charisma A Friend Found Noctis

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