Guardian Skills in The Guardian is a set of Skills that players can spend points in to upgrade their character's abilities. The following are a list of skills available in the Guardian tree. The Guardian Combat stance makes use of the Guardian Skills and focuses on defence, blocking and parrying to inflict heavy damage in response to an attack.


Guardian Skills


The default Guardian Skills are as follows:



Skill Description
Mace Blow Fast mace attack.
Extended Shield Block Lets you block attacks and shots. Parrying at the last moment knocks the attacker backwards.
Shield Bash Powerful attack with a shield
Dodge  Jump backwards or in the direction desired.
Soldier's Training Lets you use maces and shields.


Guardian Skills Upgrades

The following tables are individual branches on the skill tree in order of when it is unlocked.


Skill Description
Upgraded Mace Blow Lets you attack again more quickly after all mace attacks, and make backhand attacks.
Passive Skill Increases the disruptive power of mace attacks by 10%.
Passive Skill Increases resistance to disruption by 15%.
Passive Skill Increases damage caused by mace attacks by 10%.
Passive Skill Launches a special attack with both mace and shield at the same time on downed enemies.
Shell Combat trance that greatly increases your resistance to disruption and your physical resistance.



Skill Description
Upgraded Shield Bash Increases the chance of knocking the enemy over by 20%. (Requires Upgraded Mace Blow)
Passive Skill Electric weapons also electrify the shield so it gains the same bonuses.
Passive Skill Shield attacks can hit several enemies.



Skill Description
Counterattack In the event of a last-second parry, knocks the enemy back and strikes him with a quick mace attack. (Requires Upgraded Mace Blow)
Passive Skill Lets you perform another action more quickly after parrying.
Passive Skill Makes you harder to disrupt by parrying powerful attacks.



Skill Description
Powerful Attack Powerful attack that reduces the enemy's armor by 30%. (Requires Passive Skill in Upgraded Shield Bash branch)
Passive Skill Gives -25% resistance to disruption from enemies with reduced armor.
Passive Skill Powerful attack gains 100% chance of breaking shields.



Skill Description
Passive Skill Lets you run while parrying. (Requires Passive Skill in Counterattack branch)
Instinctive Parry Gives a 15% chance of blocking enemy blows and projectiles even without parrying.
Passive Skill Increases resistance to all damage during this type of combat by 5%.

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