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The Harder They Fall is a Quest in The Technomancer. It's objectives are a series of sub-quests that must be undertaken to complete the entire quest.

The Harder They Fall Information


The Harder They Fall Objectives 

  • Find Your Allies
  • The General's Evidence
  • Powder in the Wheels
  • Reserved Judgement
  • Divine Disapproval
  • The Peoples Assembly


The Harder They Fall Walkthrough


Find Your Allies

 You reeive this quest after your initial interaction with the mutant leader. Who you are able to have join you as an ally is dependent on the Reputation you have generated with certain Factions.

  • Technomancers: Gaining the support of the Technomancers is achieved by saving them from the Mutant. They will be more than willing to join you.
  • Dandolo: Dandolo and his unit will join you with good reputation from Noctis.
  • The Army: Captain Eliza Major will agree to assist you if you have good reputation with the Army.


The General's Evidence

 Once you have gathered up your allies, this phase will begin. Speak to the Grand Master and he will direct you on where to head. Make your way to the objective at night and stop the train. Interact with the generator to stop it and defeat the enemies. You will have to obtain the information you're looking for by force or using a charisma check. Give his tablet to Captain Eliza.


Powder in the Wheels

 This phase also triggers after gathering allies. Head to the Mutant Coral and speak to the leader inside. He will ask you to obtain an explosive and tell his people to flee. Speak to Amelia about making the bomb, and you will have to complete some tasks before she will construct it. Once you've completed those tasks, she'll make the bomb for you. Give it to the mutant leader in the Slums to finish this portion.


Reserved Judgement

 Head to the Slums and speak to the man indicated by the marker. He will ask you to uncover an ASC secret base. Speak to the sweeping mutant who will help you find the base. You will find the entrance near where you find Captain Eliza. Make your way through and defeat foes until you get to the son. You can try to convince him to join his father through a charisma check. Otherwise Nesha can trick him into leaving. Return to the Judge to complete the quest.


Divine Disapproval

 This is available after gathering your allies. You will need to obtain 3 relics and 3 ASC uniforms in Noctis. You may buy the relics from the mutant trader or get them from the priest violently, at the loss of Karma. The uniforms can be purchased from the marked merchant for 230 Serum. Once purchased give them to your allies for later. Head to the Slums and defeat the enemies. Take the relics from them and hand it to the Assembly member in Ophir to complete this phase.


The People's Assembly

 After gaining the support of the people, you are able to approach an assembly member. A charisma check in the conversation will help your intentions. Regardless of the choices you make here, the people will depose Viktor.




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    • Anonymous

      Certain groups are mutually exclusive: Noctis/Vory, and Army/Opposition. If (for example) Dandolo won't join despite friendly reputation, you probably already asked Anton and the Vory to be your ally.

      • Anonymous

        I have friendly reputation with noctis but dandolo wouldnt join me. I have the worst karma though but everyone else joined me

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