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Under the Orders of a Merchant Prince is a Quest in The Technomancer. It's objectives are a series of sub-quests that must be undertaken to complete the entire quest.

Under the Orders of a Merchant Prince Information

Under the Orders of a Merchant Prince Objectives 

  • Subterfuge
  • Back on Track
  • Brothers in Danger
  • A Worm in the Apple
  • Contraband
  • Under Threat


Under the Orders of a Merchant Prince Walkthrough



 Make your way to the marker and speak to Dandolo to initiate this quest. Head to the given marker who is a trader and buy 3 sets of the Abundance Officer's uniform. Afterwards, head to the transport spot on the map and travel to the Shadow Path. Once you travel here you can no longer leave until the quest is totally complete.


Back on Track

 Head to the marker on the map and speak to the mutant to return the rover. You can use either a charisma or science check to persuade him and he'll give it back in 12 hours. After that time has passed go to Dandolo and tell him it has been returned. You'll gain +1 Noctis reputation. Make your way to the next marker for the 2nd piece which costs 200 Serum. It can be bought from Tom Goodsman in the Exchange. Talk to Amelia and give her some Serum. She'll also ask for some parts for repairs to the rover. Make your way to the map markers and collect everything you need and bring them back to her. Give her 24 hours to get the rover back up and running.


Brothers in Danger

 Head to the Underworks and take the entrance beneath the temple. Head to the entrance engaging with enemies if you wish and then take out the guards at the entrance. Enter the next area to find a large amount of enemies waiting. Defeat them and trigger the ladder to drop.


A Worm in the Apple

 After this comes available make your way to the marker and talk to the merchant. Afterwards go see the next one and speak to the woman. Head to the objectives that pop up on the map. Speak with the Vory and convince them to leave using a charisma check. When you encounter the next Vory, you may opt to let him remain and grab more directives from him. Otherwise you may attempt to convince him to scram. Engage Anton Vogue to get him to stop sending forces to Noctis. Return to Dandolo and you will earn +3 Noctis Reputation.



 Talk to the merachant in Noctis and get the materials needed. Head to the Underworks and talk to the merchant to obtain the information you need. Head back to Dandolo and report what you've discovered. You will get +2 Noctis Reputation for this.


Under Threat

 As soon as you complete Contraband, this phase will trigger. Speak with Dandolo and then head to Eliza Major, Anton and Bulgakov. You will have to question them all. How the game has progressed to this point will determine how successful these interrogations are. Follow the markers to the people of interest and speak with them, and then return back to Noctis. Upon returing to Noctis, speak to several more people and then entreat the Technomancers for help. Rescue Patience and return. Wait for 2 days to speak with him again. You will have to now ascertain why he has been moved. Go back to the Technomancers and you will have to take out a series of undercover agents to wrap the events of the quest up. 



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