Role Warrior
Base Health ??
Passive Bonus Power Regen +5%
Ally Relationship Bonus +1 Charisma

Lucky is a Companion in The Technomancer 


Lucky Information


Companion description.


Obtaining Lucky

  • Lucky is first encountered during the Merchant Rumors part of Finding Earth. Once the Merchants have been rescued, he will approach Zachariah after Zachariah talk to Fiorelle for the mission Marks of the Past. Lucky will be encountered again in Noctis and he will become a companion.  


Lucky Missions

  • Marks of the Past
  • A Friend Found 



Lucky Relationship


The Following Contains Spoilers: 

Zachariah and Lucky, known as Andrew, were classmates. Andrew was a technomancer of incredible power, but struggled to control it. One day, ten years before the events of the game, he overloaded and caused an explosion which collapsed the roof of the school, injuring and killing numerous students and teachers. Andrew lost his arm and that is where Zachariah's facial scars are from. After the explosion, Andrew was given to a merchant and Zachariah had for the most part forgotten him. Zachariah and Andrew were not close during their time together, but they did know each other as Scott Seeker was like a father figure to both. Dialogue between Zachariah and Andrew suggest that Andrew was the ''popular kid'' in class able to charm everyone, the star of the show that never spent a night alone if he didn't want to. This made Zachariah feel invisible. Accoring to Andrew, Zachariah was lonely, but never made any friends. Andrew admits that how he carried himself was a front, that he was trying too hard to make up for being different. He compliments Zachariah in saying that he was always just himself.

Once, during training, Andrew and Zachariah fought against Alan together which resulted in victory. An angered Alan with a couple of his buddies cornered Zachariah in the halls and beat him, breaking two ribs causing Scott Seeker to take care of him. When relaying this infomation to Andrew he explains that he thought he was just sick, but then states that if he knew what really happened he might have killed Alan. He exclaims how he wishes he could have protected Zarchariah, and vows not to make that mistake again stating he will be ''like a shadow'' for Zachariah.

Andrew is very bitter and hurt about what happened and tricks Zachariah into bringing Master Connor to meet him, which is how Zachariah learns the truth of who Andrew is and what happened. Several characters mention how Andrew needs friends and a family and hopes Zachariah will help Andrew. After speaking to the Merchant Prince, Zachariah can speak to Andrew again. Andrew will be defensive, but by talking to Andrew, going through the different conversation options during that first conversation, and by not making fun of him, his relationship with Zachariah will quickly improve. Andrew will fight with a mace when he first joins Zachariah, but after getting Scott to build Andrew a prothesis, he will become a technomancer again and fight with a staff and technomancy. Eventually, if the relationship is good, Zachariah will bring Andrew to a dome and tell Andrew the truth about technomancers. Zachariah will then go through the induction ritual, giving Andrew the last name of Mancer. Andrew is a possible romance for Zachariah.  Later it is revealed that both Zachariah and Andrew served as test subjects for Scott Seeker, which resulted in both becoming Technomancers.




Lucky Talents

Talent Description

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