Amelia Reacher

Role Guardian
Base Health ??
Passive Bonus Resistance to Disruption 5%
Ally Relationship Bonus +1 Creation

Amelia Reacher is a Companion in The Technomancer 


Amelia Reacher Information


Amelia is an expedition driver with a lot of experience on the road. Adventuring is in her blood, so she loves to learn about lost cities and relics from before the Turmoil.


Obtaining Amelia Reacher

  • You encounter Amelia during the main quest when you are escaping to Noctis. She is the driver of your rover.



Amelia Reacher Missions

  • ??
  • ??



Amelia Reacher Relationship


Data with conditions for relationship goes here.



Amelia Reacher Talents

Talent Description

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