Role Guardian
Base Health ??
Passive Bonus Max Equip Weight +250
Ally Relationship Bonus +1 Exploration

Phobos is a Companion in The Technomancer 


Phobos Information


Phobos is a strong and powerful mutant who only desires for his people to be united. Unlike most mutants, he is well-educated and sees a light wherever there's darkness. The passion he has for his people is unrivalled, so it would be a bad idea to mistreat them in his presence.


Obtaining Phobos

  • Phobos is a mutant that you originally meet as Beg in a quest. You can unlock him as a companion once you reach the city of Noctis.



Phobos Missions



Phobos Relationship


Data with conditions for relationship goes here.



Phobos Talents

Talent Description

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