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The feeling of being followed is a Quest in The Technomancer.

The feeling of being followed Information


The feeling of feing followed Objectives 

  • Go to the barracks to put the plan in motion
  • Follow Jeffrey's plan to draw the spy in
  • Lead the spy into the dead end to trap him
  • Search the spy to find information
  • Talk to Alan about the Spy


The Feeling of Being Followed Rewards


The Feeling of Being Followed Walkthrough

 This quest can be obtained by your Companion Jeffrey Hunter. At some point Jeffrey wants to talk to you, listen to him. Agree to his idea and make your way to the Barracks. Once there begin the objectives, following the markers closely to not fail. Take out the spy and loot his body and return to the Barracks to speak with Alan Mancer. Knock him out to gain Reputation  with Jeffrey and xp.




  • Alan set the ASC-Spy onto Zachariah, because he can't stand Zachariah, because of his heritage.

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