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The Exchange

Crowds of Beggars is a Quest in The Technomancer.

Crowds of Beggars Information


Crowds of Beggars Rewards

  • 100 XP



Crowds of Beggars Walkthrough

 This quest is obtained from Tom Goodsman in the Exchange. Make your way to the objectives and talk to the beggars to uncover the criminal plot. Go to see Fiorello and buy 3 sets of beggars rags and equip them on your party. Make your way to the objective and speak to the person of interest and pay him the 200 Serum he requires. Make your way down to the Underworks and see the merchant there. You may opt to let him flee or kill him. If you do kill him, you have to drain him to complete the objective. Return to Tom for your xp reward.




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    • Anonymous

      10 Jul 2019 16:32  

      I’m stuck, lost one of my support soldiers (spying on me) now I can’t equip all three (only two of us) .. no way out I can see.

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