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Hostage taking is a Quest in The Technomancer.

Hostage taking information

"A hostage was taken in The Exchange and you have to rescue it within ingame 24 hours."


Hostage taking Objectives 

  • Save the hostage (within ingame 24 hours)
  • Negotiate with the hostage-taker
  • Arrest the hostage-taker


Hostage taking Rewards


  • Convinced? 1000EXP
  • Attack and beaten? 500EXP
  • Agreed to take care of debt? (unsure I think 0EXP)

Hostage taking Walkthrough

 Start the quest in The Exchange between Joe Goodsman and The Slums near a big tree and a lot of red crates

 Talk to the hostage-taker, once you've automatically accepted this quest

 [Charisma] Try to convince him to surrender (25% Base Success-rate), Attack, Agree to take care of the debt

 [Charisma]? Then walk up to him and arrest the hostage-taker

 Attack? Then beat him up and (unsure: arrest him)

 Take care of debt? (unsure in general)

 Quest Done!



  • The hostage-taker took the civilian hostage after the brother of the civilian ruined the hostage-takers life, having him now pay alot of Serum.

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