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The Curiosity's Bar

Unequal Combat is a Quest  in The Technomancer.

Unequal Combat Information

A woman is missing her husband, after him winning alot in the arena

Unequal Combat Objectives 

  • Go to the bar to investigate Dereck Labour, the missing boxer
  • Find the henchmen responsible for the killing
  • Take care of the backer
  • Tell the fiancĂ©e what has happened


Unequal Combat Rewards


  • EXP
  • 80 Serum

Unequal Combat Walkthrough

 This quest is available before you obtain the Arena Champion quest. You will have to beat Arena Champion in order to complete this quest however. Once complete, speak to Sam by the door of the arena. Make your way to the assassins marker. You may choose to kill them or leave. Head back to the bar and you may either ask for a bribe of 100 Serum and a loss of 1 Karma or arrest him. If you choose to arrest him you will have to fight. Defeat him to gain 1 Reputation with the Army and 3 Karma. Make your way back to the wife for xp and 80 Serum.




  • You will have to do Chapter 1 part of Arena Champion in order to complete this quest

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