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Arena Champion is a Quest in The Technomancer.

Arena Champion Information

A arena fight with multiple stages, during multiple chapters.

Arena Champion Objectives 

  • In Chapter 1:
    • Find the bookmaker in the arena
    • Win the first round of the championship
  • To be continued (haven't played far enough yet)


Arena Champion Rewards


  • Chapter 1:
    • Round 1: 
      • EXP from enemies, 100 Serum, 2x Health injection
    • Round 2:
      • EXP from enemies, 200 Serum, 2x Health injection
    • Round 3:
      • EXP from enemies, 150 Serum, 2x Health injection
  • To be continued (haven't played far enough yet)

Arena Champion Walkthrough

 This quest can be found in the Slums in the Curiosity's bar. Head to the bar back and speak to the man to get into the arena. Make it through 3 fights to become Tier 1's champion. After achieving this, you will have to wait before you can resume the objectives of the quest, when you find Noctis. Once that occurs return to coomplete your quest for glory. The second stage is a very difficult gauntlet and will put your Combat skills to the test.



  • Chapter 1 part has to be done in order to complete Unequal combat
  • Chapter 1, first round against Mutants, second round against creeps, third round against Vory members.
  • Every round has two groups of enemies. Like waves.
  • Traps are very good to use due to the number of enemies

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