Abundance is the corporate state of an undefined territory, with its capital at the domed city of Ophir, situated in the Ophir Chasma, itself part of a series of chasms in the central-northern section of the Coprates Quadrangle adjacent the Valles Marineris, southern hemisphere. They are in a territorial dispute with the young corporate state of Aurora over the settlement of Greenhope, due to its agricultural value. While technically headed by the Dowser and the Assembly of the People, itself comprised of ministers, it is stated (by Captain Eliza) that the ASC has of late elevated their position to be directly below the Dowser. There is some ambiguity over the ASC's extent of power, with very little distinction between their units and their Army counterparts. Though never directly mentioned within the game, the initialism could be deduced from the colloquial name Abundance, their most important location, the Source, with the latter potentially being Corporation, ergo the Abundant Source Corporation. However, due to the fact that this branch of the corporate state is distinguished from Abundance itself, and moreover aligned with the espionage and surveillance sectors and their similarities with the KGB (Committee for State Security), it is more likely to be the Abundance Security Committee.

While principally a corporation charged with locating and procurement of water i.e. dowsing (hence their leader being titled Dowser), extracting/supplying and maintaining water services, due to the utmost necessity of this resource for the continuation of life on Mars (ignoring the lack of evident terraforming, explanation of why it is not frigidly cold or a magnetosphere to maintain an atmosphere or any amounts of water or life on Mars), they have come to envelop the political, military and police force for the state with varying degrees of distinction. They are known for their espionage and surveillance services, primarily employed on their own denizens and subjects, but also on their competitors and rivals, as evident in their knowledge the location of the legendary free city-state of Noctis and of the assassination of the Dowser of Aurora (events of Mars: War logs).

Along with motifs reminiscent of socialist/communist states, they can be considered a Socialist Surveillance State. In this, the developers might be suggesting that regardless of the political situation, humanity cannot escape its innate aggressive behaviour, with peoples determining an us-and-them mentality, making enemies of their neighbours, based primarily on proximity (to a resource) and secondarily on common values, and even with this they further divide themselves into classes based on plutocracy rather than meritocracy or democracy.

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