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Gun Running is a Quest in The Technomancer.

Gun Running Information


Gun Running Objectives 

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Gun Running Rewards


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Gun Running Walkthrough

 You can obtain this quest from Anton Rogue. Talk to him about any work he needs done. If you are at the appropriate point in the game he will give you this quest. Head to the barracks and speak to the quartermaster to get the weapons. You can then decide who to delliver them to. You can bring them to the soldier and lose 4 Reputation with the Vory and gain 1 Rep with the Army. The quartermaster will give you 50 Serum and xp. This will upset Anton but not alienate him. 

 If you deliver the weapons to Anton you will have to take out some soldiers. Get the goods to Anton to get some xp, a helmet, +2 Reputation with the Vory and -1 Army Rep.




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