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Just on the Market is a Quest in The Technomancer.

Just on the Market Information


Just on the Market Objectives 

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Just on the Market Rewards


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Just on the Market Walkthrough

 This is the next quest in Anton Rogue's series of jobs for you and occurs after Contraband Recovery. Head to the Exchange and speak with the drug dealer for a sample. You may either pay for it with 75 Serum or make a charisma check to convince her to give the sample. With the sample in hand, head to the Slums and speak to Ethan Host, then go upstairs to inspect the sample. If you fail, find Scott Seeker at his location in the Slums to help you out. 

 Aftwerards, you may opt to return to the drug dealer and bribe her with 100 Serum to keep your cover and then speak to Anton or decide not to. 




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