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Initiation is a Quest in The Technomancer.

Initiation Information

Initiation Objectives 

  • Leave the dormitory
  • Train at the different styles of combat (Optional)
  • Talk to the guard (Learn the combat system)
  • Follow Master Sean
  • Find somewhere to watch from
  • Report back to Master Sean Mancer
  • Get to the entrance of the cave
  • Get to the dome
  • Get to the main hall
  • Use the console
  • Find out what's behind the sand hopper invasion
  • Fight the great mantis


Initiation Rewards


  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Initiation Walkthrough

 After character creation, a cutscene will play of a conversation between Zachariah and Scott Seeker. Afterwards the game begins, with some light tutorial elements. Head downstairs and open the door to watch a cutscene of some sparring. You will then be given an opportunity to perform some training of the different combat styles. When you are satisfied with your training, speak to the guard to embark on the mission.

 A cutscene will play where Zachariah will witness the brutal beating of a citizen. You will have a dialogue option when responding to Alan Mancer. You may stay silent or give him some choice words. Sean will arrive and escort you on your way.

 Upon arriving, follow Master Sean forward. On the way, you can head down a short staircase on the right to find a chest with some items. Make your way to Sean and speak with him about your first lesson. Proceed ahead and take out the looters, using the tips the game shows to learn the combat. Sean will assist you with taking out the foes.

 Head up the rocky slope and defeat the foes you encounter. At the top, stand on the overlook and tap the button to observe. Return to Sean and tell him what you saw. He will direct you to your next objective and recommend you use stealth. Make your way down and engage the enemies along the way.

 Upon arriving at the entrance a small cutscene will play and you will now face off against some nasty creatures. Defeat them and go with Sean to the large door. A cutscene will trigger and the door will be opened. Enter the dome and progress through, defeating the creatures along the way. Make your way to the central main hall of the structure and access the console.

 Upon viewing the revelation, Sean will counsel you to discover the breach point of the creatures. Descend the levels of the dome by climbing down at the end of walkways dispatch hostile creatures along the way. Take the large ramp down to the ground level and defeat the creatures here. Take the walkway that overlooks the large central ring and climb down to defeat the creatures in this circle arena. Clear them out to trigger a cutscene and a battle against a great mantis.

Boss Fight: Great Mantis

 The mantis is dangerous from straight on, the key is to stick to its sides and behind it, avoiding it's stabbing attacks and slams. It will also perform a sweep attack. It can inflict poison on you. During the fight, smaller mantis will join, but they can be killed by the great mantis. The red belly is a vulnerable point, so switching to Rogue and shooting it from range is effective. Otherwise, you'll have to approach and attack the belly and quickly back out before it brings down a retaliation. When the great mantis' health has been reduced to a certain point a small cutscene will trigger and Sean will intervene. The mantis will be slain and the quest will come to an end. A series of cutscenes will play.


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