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Combat Drug is a Quest in The Technomancer.

Combat Drug Information

A combat drug was used on soldiers. They've returned from battle, but suffer from delusionality, thinking they're still in battle, due to the drug.

Combat Drug Objectives 

  • Find a way to avoid casualities among the soldiers
  • Roust the soldiers from their hideout
  • Report back to Ryan Steward
  • Ask Scott for an antidote
  • Give the antidote to Ryan Steward


Combat Drug Rewards


  • 80 Serum
  • EXP
  • Army of Abundance: Reputation +1

Combat Drug Walkthrough

This quest comes available after completing A Nasty Invasion. Make your way to the marker which is a person trying to get inside the building. Speak with her and head to the next marker, where you will need a lockpicking of 1 to enter or make a Charisma check at the other door. Head back to the quartermaster for your reward of 80 Serum. Head to the Slums and speak with Scott about an antidote. Bring the antidote to the quartermaster for Army reputation and xp.



  • There are multiple ways to get into the "hideout"

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