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The Slums  

A Professor's Worries is a Quest in The Technomancer.

A Professor's Worries Information

A friend of Scott Seeker, Professor Charles Seeker, is missing.

A Professor's Worries Objectives 

  • Go to Charles Seeker's laboratory
  • Convince Veronica to give you information
  • Inform Scott  of what you learned from Veronica
  • Investigate the disappearance of Professor Charles Seeker
  • Obtain Charles Seeker's research papers
  • Giv Charles Seeker's research to Scott


A Professor's Worries Rewards


  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

A Professor's Worries Walkthrough

 This quest comes from Scott Seeker in the Slums. Accept his request and head to the marker to speak with Veronica. You will have to convince her to share her info with you. If you speak to her about the disappearance more, you will be given an additional convincing option. Once she relents, return to Scott's location in the Slums. Speak to him and then head to the Barracks and speak to Captain Eliza. Return to the lab and speak to Veronica for info on the research. Get Charles' notes and head back to Scott to complete the quest for some xp and Reputation with Scott.




  • ??

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