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The Barracks

A Nasty Invasion is a Quest in The Technomancer.

A Nasty Invasion Information

The enemies Locust have started to build nests in The Underworks, destoy them or have them destroyed.

A Nasty Invasion Objectives 

  • Craft three traps
  • Either:
    • Bring them to Ryan Steward
    • or:
    • Destroy the nests
  • Destroy the nests:
    • Report back to Ryan Steward
  • Bring them to Ryan Steward:
    • ??


A Nasty Invasion Rewards


  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

A Nasty Invasion Walkthrough

 This quest is available after resolving the deserter issue in Fighting for Abundance. Speak to the quartermaster in the barracks. You will have to come up with 3 traps for Ryan Steward. Once you obtained them through looting/crafting, turn them in for your rewards and Serum.




  • ??

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