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The Slums

A Missing Girl is a Quest in The Technomancer.

A Missing Girl Information


A Missing Girl Objectives 

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A Missing Girl Rewards


  • ??
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  • ??

A Missing Girl Walkthrough

 You can obtain this quest from a woman near the hangar where the rover is kept in the Slums. She will ask you to find her missing daughter. Make your way to the marker and speak with Anton Rogue about her location. Afterwards head back to the mother for more info. She will send you to speak to another individual. Make your way to the marker. Depending on the time of day, you may overhear that he is at work, so make your way there at the end of the day to find him and speak to him. You may be able to convince him with a charisma check for info. Head to the next marker and find the woman's daughter held captive. You may protect her for 250 Serum or you may leave to end the quest. If you defend her you can bring her back to her mother, let her leave on her own of offer help. If you help her you'll get 3 Karma. Head to the Exchange and speak to Fiorello for xp rewards.




Accept get 250 Serum -2 Karma

  • ?Send to mother  -1 Kasrma get 80 Serum
  • Let her go +1 KArma?
  • Help her get out the city +3 Karma (1000EXP)

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